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Serverless Architecture Conference Hybrid


Mastering Cloud Native | Architectures, the Kubernetes | Ecosystem and Functions

Every year in October, Serverless Architecture Conference Berlin is the go-to event for serverless and software architecture enthusiasts!

In the last two years, we were one of the first in the industry to develop a hybrid concept and have been continuously improving it ever since, so that the lively exchange of knowledge and ideas that Serverless Architecture Conference stands for is now possible both on-site and online.

You can choose to “attend” the conference on-site or online from the comfort of your home or office. To perfectly include all interested parties, Serverless Architecture Conference Berlin will be streamed live with all parallel tracks – via professional and widely tested video technology.

And not only that: you can also get in touch with all Serverless Architecture Conference Berlin speakers, the sponsors and exhibitors, for networking, your business and to get impulses for your successful projects, even if you should not be there!

As you can see – thanks to the innovative program, the upcoming Serverless Architecture Conference Berlin provides the ideal framework for extensive networking, exchange of experiences and your future successful projects. Whether on-site in Berlin or digitally – the choice is yours!

Mor informations: https://serverless-architecture.io/berlin/


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