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Pirate Summit


What is PIRATE Summit?

Founded in 2010, PIRATE Summit is a conference specifically designed for entrepreneurs on their journey. It is about connecting, debating and learning. Focused on real life experiences, learning from failure and success. It’s about the messy reality of the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Raw and authentic.

Although technology is discussed at PIRATE Summit, it actually isn’t a tech conference. It is a conference for those that use technology as a tool to build something valuable. As such, it is more a conference about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

At PIRATE Summit you can meet world-class entrepreneurs & founders from all around the world, get to know investors who are willing to invest in your startup & enjoy joyful days at the Odonien – a scrapyard turned into an outdoor art gallery!

More information about the roots of PIRATE Summit: https://medium.com/@PIRATEglobal/the-roots-of-pirate-summit-2a081de17ca4

When and where does it take place?

PIRATE Summit will take place from 6th to 7th of September 2022 in Odonien, Cologne.

What makes PIRATE Summit unique compared to other tech conferences?

PIRATE Summit is not simply a conference. It goes beyond any ordinary conference experience. And to embrace the extraordinary, it takes place in one of Cologne’s most unique locations: Odonien – a scrapyard turned into an outdoor art gallery. It is the perfect pirate location and offers enough space for robots, fire, networking, and fun.

Amongst other things, PIRATE Summit is especially characterized by its festival-like atmosphere. At PIRATE Summit we have participants, not merely attendees. And we put a lot of effort into curating the right ones. The unique location helps connect everybody at eye level & really build meaningful connections.

Also, we believe that everybody is an expert in something. We, therefore, welcome everybody to contribute to our program. Whether you hold a campfire session, a keynote, a fireside chat or simply share your knowledge with others spontaneously over a cold drink. It’s about giving, giving, giving & then asking.


Who will come to PIRATE Summit?

PIRATE Summit is limited to 1.200 participants and thrives on the idea of a highly curated crowd to ensure #meaningfulconnections. We gather talented entrepreneurs, investors & corporates in a highly unique setting.

PIRATE Summit participants range from founders & entrepreneurs to all kinds of investors, corporate executives, business influencers and other movers & shakers of the digital startup ecosystem from around the world.


What is the overarching theme for PIRATE Summit 2022?

In 2022 we celebrate the 10th edition of PIRATE Summit. The overall theme for 2022 is #RaiseYourself. What can PIRATE Summit bring to a world that feels chaotic, ambiguous, and that is hard to make sense of?

We found the answer in one of our key takeaways from our online event, PIRATE Live in 2021. The main theme of the event was #RaiseYourSails. From the 7 different topic tracks, one track stood out the most: #RaiseYourself. This track had by far the most views and saw the most engagement by the audience. The results caught us by surprise: participants were especially interested in topics like mental health, breathing techniques, personal growth, finding your why, yoga, meditation etc.

It probably makes sense. When there is a lot of instability and uncertainty around us, we turn to the only place we have some sort of control over: Ourselves.
Therefore, we decided to make #RaiseYourself the theme for PIRATE Summit 2022 and are offering the following topic tracks: Raise Yourself, Re-humanize work, Startup tactics, Founder stories, Climate Tech, Tech trends.
Of course, we will keep tactical learning and discussion sessions. Thus, topics around HR, growth, sales, culture etc. are always welcome and will be a substantial part of the agenda. Ideally, framed in the bigger picture of our overall theme.

The agenda is proposed by the community and heavily focuses on P2P-learning and interactive formats like Campfires, Clinics, Masterclasses and 1-on-1 meetings. We have a few selected highlight keynotes as well.

More information about our 2022 theme: https://piratesummit.com/blog/raiseyourself/

More information about our session formats: https://piratesummit.com/contribute/


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