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Seminar Digital Transformation Manager

14.10.-17.10.2019 in Nürnberg

Seminar Professionelle Führung von IT-Teams

06.11.-07.11.2019 in Nürnberg

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MOC 50578 MDX with Microsoft Analysis Services: How to ask questions and get accurate answers from your Data

Seminardauer: 3 Tage
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This instructor led course is designed to take a person from the very beginning, think “Hello World” in programing to journeyman. The first chapters (1-4) get you well-grounded then from there we expand out. You won’t know how to do every MDX query. You won’t look at every function. But you will understand the patterns and from them you can examine examples and build on them to code your own sophisticated queries.


  • SQL Professionals
  • Microsoft Analysis Service
  • Cube and Report Developers
  • Business Intelligence Professionals


If the past is any indicator of the future then this course will be attended manly by SQL Professionals, Microsoft Analysis Service cube and report developers and Business Intelligence Professionals coming from competing platforms.


The Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack

  • What Business Intelligence can do for your organization
  • What to watch out for in implementation
  • The Scope and what types of tools address each?

Getting Started with MDX

  • MultiDimensional VS Tabular Space
  • Data Warehouse Data Mart
  • MDX Introduction
  • The Editors

The all-important Dimensions

  • Dimensions
  • Dimension Attributes
  • Hierarchies
  • Referencing Members
  • Tuples
  • Cells
  • Sets
  • Set Functions

Navigation and the secrets of relatives!

  • Navigation in reporting
  • Relatives
  • Navigational Functions
  • Controlling Sorting
  • Filtering the results
  • How to combine a set

MDX Calculations

  • Expressions
  • Calculated members
  • Formatting output through the With clause
  • Dynamic Expressions
  • IIF function
  • Statistical Functions
  • Determineing which tuples satisfy a parameter in a report

Working with Time. Multiple calendars, divergent horizons, time is of the essence.

  • Time Dimension
  • Multiple calendars
  • Time based Functions
  • ParallelPeriod
  • OpeningPeriod
  • ClosingPeriod
  • LastPeriod
  • Year-To-Date
  • Calculated Measures and a time Dimension
  • Comparing Periods
  • Sum Function
  • Aggregate Function
  • Max and Min Function in Time

Business Insights

  • Or logic
  • And Logic
  • Combining Or and And logic from different hierarchies
  • Logical And with members from the Same
  • Using the NonEmpty function
  • Moving Averages
  • Last date with data
  • ParallelPeriod for Multiple Dates
  • Testing current context
  • Options of the Descendants function
  • Ranking Values

Using MDX in SQL Server Reporting Services Reports

  • Create a SSRS report
  • Create a connection into the cube
  • Create a MDX query with the query designer
  • Create a custom query
  • Pass a parameter
  • PerformancePoint Services Dashboard Designer

KPIs and MDX in the Business Intelligence Development Studio Editor

  • Use Business Intelligence Development Studio to create a named calculation in the cube
  • Use Business Intelligence Development Studio to create KPIs


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